How to master Q4 profits and launch yourself into 6-7 figure seller status 

When we were first starting our Amazon business nearly 4 years ago, we had NO idea what Q4 was going to be like. We Were GATED in everything... we didn't KNOW WHAT TO SELL. We were so busy trying to figure things out that we RAN OUT OF SUPPLIES... We even missed a big cut off date that we didn't know about, and we COULDN'T FBM TOYS!! These were HUGE mistakes.... Let alone all the advanced techniques that we didn't even know existed that could have made us thousands... But the problem was that there weren't any affordable options available to teach us these things... 

We weren't Bundling
We weren't running PPC ads
We didn't Know where to go on Black Friday
We didn't know how to effectively get coupons
We didn't know How to Reprice 
We hadn't used Online Arbitrage tools like Tactical Arbitrage and really felt like fish in the dark...

4 years, 2 kids, and multiple 7 figures later.... and now we know. And we'll show you.

No snake oil. No lofty promises. No fluff filled upsell... 

We built this ACTIONABLE and REPEATABLE class for Amazon sellers to absolutely master Q4. I'll break down my exact tools, processes and methods and show you how to PUT IN THE HARD WORK in order to reap the rewards this Q4.

Take the guesswork out, and get to working on the EXACT STRATEGIES we've used to build our 7 figure Amazon empire this Q4

Why Learn from us?

Top rated content

Seriously... Just look at our Facebook page at the reviews and testimonials.

There is a reason why we have 30 day money-back guarantee. We don't have to worry about refunds because we make people make more money. It's that simple

Solutions and strategy

Don't go into Q4 blind. Don't spend hours on Youtube or searching through old comments. Come join us a drink from a fire hose for a few hours and come away with every strategy you'll need to grow your empire.  


This course not only breaks down fundamentals... but also dives VERY deep into advanced strategies that most have never even thought of.  As forever teachers, we created a product that you can easily learn from and digest 

Qualified Teachers AND Business owners

Lots of people know how to Amazon. Lots of people are teachers. Very very few people can effectively know how to do both... and that's where we come in.

No more long rants and side tangents that don't matter to you or confuse you. We understand how to effectively teach you what we know. We succeed when our students succeed. 

We've helped THOUSANDS of people grow their Amazon businesses.

Read just a few of the Q4 success stories below. These are normal everyday people. Moms, dads, teachers, nurses, young, old, men, women... Every. Day. People. They don't want the "Lambo life"... They just want financial freedom to be with their families... and they are #CRUSHINGIT 👇👇👇

Ready to CRUSH this Q4 season like the rest of our students?

Whether you've sold $10, or $500,000 on Amazon... This class will blow your mind. 

Course Curriculum
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Access HOURS of highly curated content put together by teachers who want you to succeed. Join thousands of other students on their journey to financial freedom. Our students come from all sorts of walks of life, and we make sure to meet you where you are and give you the knowledge that you need to succeed. 

Learn At Your Own Pace

Access this course at any time, from anywhere, forever. You will continue to have access to this invaluable content for life. . You can pause, rewind, rewatch things as much as you want. 

Affordable and accesable

We wanted to keep this course affordable and accessible to the masses because this is exactly what we wish we had when we first started. I don't need to charge you thousands of dollars as this is not our main business. We are Amazon sellers who got out of debt and reached financial freedom... and we LOVE teaching others how to do the same!

Nathan Jackson

Former teacher turned 7 figure Amazon seller. Formed "Hustle Buddies" in 2019 and has been helping people of all levels grow their business ever since.